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Master Zi Sheng Wang Brought Tibetan Qigong to the West ~ In 1994, Vajrayana Master Zi Sheng Wang (Chöying Rangdrol) was given the mission by his teacher of the Nyingma tradition, the venerable Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche (Tuchen Gyatso), to bring Dharma, or Buddhist teachings, to the West. In 1995 Master Wang arrived in the U.S. and began teaching Dharma and Tibetan Qigong. He also began training qigong teachers so that more Westerners might have the opportunity to benefit from these ancient Buddhist practices.

Tibetan Qigong ~ Thousands of years old, qigong (pronounced chee gong) acknowledges the infinite wisdom of the body-mind. Everyone has self-healing ability. Through movement and meditation qigong practitioners are able to access this self-healing ability to balance and strengthen qi (life energy), reduce stress and build a stronger immune system.

Benefits of Tibetan Qigong ~ With regular practice Tibetan Qigong can strengthen the immune system, clear energetic blockages, displace negative qi, improve metabolism and absorption of nutrients, and expel toxins. Disturbing emotions are diminished and one feels inner peace and compassion. With diligent practice Tibetan Qigong will also enhance creativity, intellectual power and concentration, as well as, activate hidden potential and supernormal abilities.

The basic practices of Tibetan Qigong are easy to learn and well-suited for people at different levels of health and fitness. For example, some forms can be done effectively while sitting or lying down. The movements are gentle, simple and bring rapid results. Although the practices come from Buddhist traditions, one does not need to be a student of Buddhism to benefit from Tibetan Qigong. Tibetan Qigong is for everyone!

Tibetan Qigong Practices are Lineage Teachings ~ Lineage teachings are handed down from master to student from one generation to the next in an “authorized” or very precise way so that the energetic benefit of these ancient practices comes to us undiluted. All higher level teachings taught by Master Wang are from Vajrayana, most are from theNyingma tradition. Level I teachings taught by Master Wang and his students come from Tibetan Buddhist traditions as well as from other Buddhist traditions. The basic Level I practices have shown outstanding results for healing disease, and for this reason Khenpo Munsel agreed that they should be included in our teaching tradition.


Comments from students


J.N., Napa, CA ~ About a year ago I was suddenly overtaken with the thought that I must find a Qigong teacher. I did not have a rational reason for this and I did not even know what the practice was really about. I searched Google and was fortunate to find The Center for Tibetan Qigong-Napa Valley.

The practice has helped me in a way that is hard to describe. I have not experienced dramatic sounds, visions, or physical feelings. What I have begun to experience is a deeper connection to my physical, mental, and emotional self. The changes have not come to me in a sudden burst or experience. They are a realization that I have changed.

A realization that what I was experiencing as stress, or pain, or fear, is somehow not there anymore. And now whenever I have an unbalanced thought or feeling, I turn to my qigong practice, knowing it will just resolve and I will be at peace again.

P.R., San Francisco, CA ~ My practice of Tibetan Qigong for the last year and a half has had a subtle but significant effect on my life. Physically, my strength and energy levels have increased. I especially noticed a change in my joints, which are stronger and more flexible and give my frame a new feeling of solidity. It’s great to be able to report these changes at age fifty, especially since my work as a merchant marine can be pretty tough on my body.

On a deeper level, I’ve experienced a heightened sensitivity to the flow of energy in my body. I’ve had the odd experience of seeing inside my body and observing my organs. I have watched my kidneys and heard their gurgling hum as fluids pass through them, seen a darkened area around my liver that has gradually shrunk as I work with these practices.

Coinciding with my practice of Tibetan Qigong has been the surfacing of painful emotional memories from long ago. I’ve made a of habit of carefully observing these images and the feelings that they provoke in me.

Tibetan Qiqong has re-animated and made consistent my meditation practice, which has been sporadic through the years. Now I can easily slip into meditation after doing the exercises.

In addition to all this, I sense that behind Tibetan Qigong lies a secret transcending words: the blessing and protection of an ancient spiritual lineage passed from Master Zi Sheng Wang to a gentle, caring and generous teacher eager to share these wonderful practices with others, that we too may unfold our inner lotus and, like Padmasambhava, become lotus born.

D.C., Dotham, AL ~ I have found in Tibetan Qigong movements a dynamic healing practice to help my body as it is recovering from stroke.  It is a really authentic energy practice for body, mind and spirit.

A.A., Sweden ~ After every practice, I sense a small positive change in my body that grows each session. I can feel some kind of connection to “something”. It´s like a thin, thin wire that connects you to the universe to help and guide me During the sessions, I also now can smell something sweet. I don´t know what it is really, but it´s a pleasant smell.  Also, when I´m doing the Three Palms Together, I feel a warm sensation in my body, especially in my right arm.

G.S., Napa, CA ~ I am a 67 year old retired lawyer recovering in a nursing home after a nearly fatal infection which caused the removal of my hip and a serious dysfunction of my intestines.

I have practiced rather consistently these Tibetan Qigong exercises as kindly transmitted to me by Kay Luthi for about ten years. I continue to do so in my wheelchair with some limitations.

Even with the disabilities imposed on me in an otherwise disheartening period, I continue to benefit from them (Tibetan Qigong exercises), especially in morale and spiritual motivation, but also, I believe, in increased mobility and general contribution to slowly improving health.

Although I have long studied the tai chi movements, I find the One Finger Zen Still Form especially, provides a positive infusion of unique energy and balance realized in both movement and a more serene attitude which stays with me increasingly the more time I can devote myself to the practice. I am quite grateful for this.

J.S., Napa, CA ~ I really appreciate the Tibetan Qigong practice of Three Palms Together.  It is wonderful to do before sitting for meditation for it prepares my body and my mind.  The slow and gentle movements bring me into meditation right away.  In addition to Three Palms Together, patting the meridians has brought about an increase in my vitality and stamina and I have an over all sense of enhanced well being.

D.B., Napa, CA ~ I am 76 years old and have been doing qigong for about three months & have found it has lowered my blood pressure. The lowest reading has been 96/65 with a high of 150/90. For the most part, the range is 125/77 to 136/85. I am very happy with the effect the two practices, Five Element Stake & One Finger Zen, have had in lowering my blood pressure.

R.B., St. Helena, CA ~ I have suffered with chronic neck and shoulder pain for the last 12 years. While doing One Finger Zen Still Form spontaneous movements began to occur. There was a loud crack that came from the neck. The neck pain is now gone. I have full mobility in my neck and shoulder girdle. I am pain free for the first time in 12 years.

O.L., Napa, CA ~ My first experience of Qigong was such a special spiritual one. That evening was so wonderful — a sleep that was serene and full of peaceful dreams. I love when I practice with friends as the spiritual energy is uplifting.

T.G., Pope Valley, CA ~ Six months after surgery for metastasized prostate cancer, I discovered the healing powers of Tibetan Qigong (TQ). Since my initial training class in TQ, I knew there was “something” present in the practice of TQ. I now recognize this “something” as healing energy. TQ continues (uninterrupted for 18 plus months) to be part of my daily routine and life style changes since cancer entered my life.

G.B., St. Helena, CA ~ Since practicing Tibetan Qigong I have noticed improvements in my eyesight. I can see more clearly at distances and my eyes are more lubricated. I do an intensive form of physical therapy. I have noticed, especially if I do Three Palms Together before a session, greater effectiveness in the work with less effort and fatigue.