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Master Zi Sheng Wang

Master Zi Sheng Wang (Chöying Rangdrol)     (ITQA)

Master Zi Sheng Wang Brought Tibetan Qigong to the West ~ In 1994 Dzogchen Master Zi Sheng Wang (Chöying Rangdrol) was given the mission by his teacher of the Nyingma tradition, the venerable Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche (Tuchen Gyatso or Tsultrim Dorje), to bring Dharma, or Buddhist teachings, to the West. In 1995 Master Wang arrived in the U.S. and began teaching Dharma and Tibetan Qigong. He also began training qigong teachers so that more Westerners might have the opportunity to benefit from these ancient Buddhist practices.

Master Wang blessing young lamas, Tibet 2000  (ITQA)

There are many photographs of Master Wang that capture energetic images.

There are many photos of Master Wang that show auras or other forms of energy. This photo was taken during a healing energy session given by Master Wang.  (ITQA)

During his 70 years of qigong practice Master Wang studied with the most accomplished Buddhist, Taoist, medical qigong and martial art masters. He was the first non-Tibetan disciple of Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche, one of the great Dzogchen masters of the twentieth century and the 11th lineage holder descended from Padmasambhava, founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Twice yearly for almost 40 years Master Wang made the long and arduous journey to Tibet to study with his beloved teacher.

Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche (Tuchen Gyatso)

One of the most outstanding Tibetan Qigong masters of our time, Master Wang has helped thousands of people improve their health and their lives. He has developed a method of non-invasive acupuncture using ancient and sacred techniques to harness and transmit universal energy. Master Wang is dedicated to reducing suffering in the world and with his unique method of remote healing he can treat tens of thousands of people at one time.

Master Wang plans to build several temples in the U.S. including a temple complex in the San Francisco Bay area. The temple complex will include a temple, educational center, healing center and senior community. The Zi Sheng Wang Foundation was established by Master Wang to fund these projects. Master Wang also supports several monasteries in Tibet to preserve Tibet’s rich cultural heritage.

In early 2006, Master Wang returned to Tibet to begin teaching Khenpo Munsel’s young reincarnates the practices that Khenpo Munsel had taught him. In his absence his U.S. students continue to teach the self-healing practices of Tibetan Qigong and share their knowledge of these ancient teachings.