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Healing & Transformation

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Kay Luthi

KAY LUTHI has studied and taught qigong for 25 years and is a black belt martial artist.  She is a student of Vajrayana Master and Tibetan Qigong Master ZI SHENG WANG.  Kay is a professional member of the National Qigong Association, Certified Level III Advanced Instructor. Kay has a B.S. degree from U.C. Davis and holds two California teaching credentials and is president of The Center for Tibetan Qigong-Napa Valley (www.CTQNV.org), a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to preserving Tibet’s great wisdom traditions.

This photo captures Kay Luthi's energy field. (Photo: T. Luthi)

Excerpt from the Preface of Kay’s Tibetan Qigong practice books:

In 2001, I entered Master Wang’s three year qigong teacher training program sponsored by the International Tibetan Qigong Association. Two Sundays each month I drove from Napa to Fremont for a day of training, practice and discussions with Master Wang and approximately twenty other students. In 2003 I was appointed to ITQA’s Education Committee by Master Wang to assist other teachers in training. I was honored to travel with Master Wang in 2005 to Latin America and Europe where I taught Level I Tibetan Qigong classes.

When I initially began teaching Tibetan Qigong I was a little shocked by the response of my students. One Finger Zen Dynamic Form, taught over a six week period was my first class. At the start of class one man appeared too weak to participate. His complexion was ashen, he was hunched over and walked with a limp, but after four weeks this man looked like a completely different person. His complexion had changed from ashen to radiant; his posture was good and he walked without a limp. Another student, a long-time qigong practitioner, generally came to class with a stoic expression on his face but soon began to arrive with an ear-to-ear grin. For years he had tried to gain weight and finally was able to do so. He also mentioned that relationships with his medical colleagues had improved. A third student who had strained relations with her husband sat during each class instead of standing because the energy was so intense for her. Several weeks after the class ended she told me she and her husband were having a wonderful time touring the country together in their RV.

While I was in the teacher training program but before I actually began teaching Tibetan Qigong, my tai chi students reported some unusual experiences. One memorable example occurred when an accomplished martial artist and long-time friend visited and invited herself to one of my tai chi classes. We had begun a simple drill when she immediately left the room. Later she apologized and said that if she had stayed she would have caused a scene. She had just felt her qi for the first time. Her hands felt like they were wearing baseball mitts and she could not contain her excitement. Not long after, this person began to project energy; i.e., move objects forcibly without touching the objects.

Physical and mental health transformations are common for students who attend Master Wang’s energy sessions or classes, and I was amazed to see such transformations in my own students. My students benefit because my teacher belongs to a very powerful lineage, the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma tradition which is over 1,200 years old. Students of Tibetan Buddhist Qigong receive healing energy from the lineage of Master Wang and his teacher, Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche. Any success I have as a qigong instructor is due to my teacher and the lineage.

My story may seem far fetched to some. There are traditions and skills to which the western world with its vast technological knowledge has not had access. In the west, technological advancements that use natural resources take priority; machines do our work for us. In the east, particularly in Tibet, training the mind to expand its potential was always considered to be the highest priority and remains so today. For centuries, Tibetan lamas administered to the health and well-being of the Tibetan people not by using high tech equipment, but by their inner ability to control and direct energies of nature.

Master Wang often told his students that when modern technology and the ancient traditions of the east merge, great strides forward for mankind will be possible. I offer these practice books and Tibetan Qigong classes to preserve the knowledge that was imparted to me in the hope that these precious teachings will continue to benefit others.