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2018 Spring/Summer Workshops ~ Napa, CA ~ click here: 2018 Spring/Summer Workshops revised 4.20.18

FIVE ELEMENT STAKE –The postures & movements in this form accumulate fresh elemental energy from nature and the universe to replace unhealthy qi in the body’s related organ systems. In addition to enabling one to accumulate fresh qi, this qigong balances and strengthens the body down to the cellular level so that self-healing can take place.

ONE FINGER ZEN DYNAMIC FORM – The meridians are natural energy pathways for ridding the body of disease and retaining good health. Through nine different movements, this practice gives one the ability to quickly gather energy and clear the meridians of stress and blockages. Taught to the elite Shaolin monks more than 1,000 years ago, Master Wang & his teacher, the highly accomplished Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche, included this practice as part of a strong foundation for Tibetan Qigong because of its long history of effectiveness.

ONE FINGER ZEN STILL FORM – The fingers and toes are like the body’s electrical switches. Moving them activates a healthy flow of energy that balances & adjusts the corresponding organ systems. This rare qigong uses gentle movements to clear blockages, improve circulation and balance energy. Standing, sitting and lying down positions are taught.

FACE MASSAGE & PATTING MERIDIANS – While practicing qigong a strong energy field is generated. The energetic massage of the face and head recharges the qi field, promotes youthfulness, relaxes and nourishes one’s entire being. Massaging the ears and patting the acupuncture points along the meridians stimulates the internal organs, helps disperse energy blockages, and balances the flow of energy.